Seminars and Workshops in Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. It has a young population and is undergoing significant social and economic transformations. With a growing need for modernization and scientific research, the country is investing in science and technology more than ever before. But while the nation is improving, it still needs a platform for conferences and workshops that will allow it to plan and translate its plans into reality.

The Nigeria Forum is an overarching effort to bring Nigeria into dialogue with the world. It hosts a monthly seminar to discuss critical issues affecting Nigeria’s relations with the world. This includes regional stability, justice, human rights, gender and interreligious relations. A variety of experts present their findings at the seminars. Some of the participants are students and academics. Other participants are community health officers, heads of various institutions and other professionals.

Another important forum is the MIT Sloan Africa Innovate Conference. The conference brings together a diverse group of African decision makers and industry leaders. There is a great diversity of topics covered in this annual event.

As part of the conference, a series of Seminars in Nigeria workshops is also held. One such workshop is the Building Mental Toughness three-day interactive workshop. These training sessions are organized by GLOMACS Training & Consultancy. They are open to both local and international individuals. Attendees can learn how to effectively handle stress and improve their personal skills in negotiation, communication and conflict resolution.

Another upcoming workshop is the Insurance & Risk Management Principles and Practices workshop. This course is held at the Alpha Partners Professional Training Conference Centre. The instructors will provide quality assured professional training on topics such as risk assessment, insurance and risk management, insurance and risk management principles and practices and service recovery.

There are also several online seminars that are gaining popularity in Nigeria. Among these is the Online Research Seminar, which was launched by the Nigeria Watch project. IFRA-Nigeria and the French Gender Institute partnered to organize this seminar. Both of these organizations have established themselves as trusted partners in organizing future events in Nigeria.

For example, in February 2022, IFRA-Nigeria and IRHiS organized a two-part training workshop on mental health and psychosocial support. Participants from the Community Health Officers’ Registration Board, the University of Ibadan, University College Hospital Ibadan, and other institutions took part in the workshop. They learned about the general policy contexts for primary care and gained knowledge on mental health legislation. They also participated in role plays and simulations and honed their newly acquired skills.

Another training workshop was held by beyerdynamic and Acti-Tech. The two companies organized a series of seminars in Nigeria. These workshops were attended by senior teachers in colleges of health technology and community health officers from several states.

Another event that is happening in Nigeria is the Soccerex seminar. This seminar should be spread to other parts of the country. Hopefully, it will be a success. However, the organizers should work hard to make it a success.

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