The Indonesian Newsroom

Despite the relative opacity of the news media in Indonesia, the country is by far the largest news media market in Southeast Asia. Although the media industry is highly fragmented, there are eight major news outlets owned by commercial entities that do not restrict the types of news that they publish. The media industry also suffers from a number of regulatory restrictions, including the Computer Related Crimes Act. A recent study found that 69.6 percent of respondents are more reticent to voice their opinions on social media than they were a few years ago.

The Indonesian media industry has seen significant challenges over the past few years. The country has seen a number of new restrictions on freedom of the press. The most notable is the recent directive issued by the Indonesian National Police to combat online disinformation. The directive is part of a wider anti-disinformation campaign that began in April. The government has brought 233 cases involving the Electronic Information and Transaction Law over the past five years.

In response, newsrooms across the archipelago have enacted significant pay cuts. The latest survey found that newsrooms in Indonesia have seen their smallest staff growth in a decade. Many have sought government funding for retooling. A survey of 140 media companies found that a majority had experienced a 40 to 80 percent drop in advertising income during the pandemic. This has exacerbated the financial woes of many of the smaller operations.

The above mentioned Covid-19 disease has had a visit this site devastating impact on the country’s news media industry. As the disease spreads unchecked, many of the country’s most notable news outlets are at risk of being shuttered. The news that the country’s leading English-language newspaper, the Jakarta Post, was considering laying off two-thirds of its workforce last month is a testament to the newsroom’s fragility.

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