The Centraline Aggiuntive Motori BMW

BMW’s latest model of the ‘M’ series is the Centraline Aggiuntive Motori BMW 184 CV. It has features that set it apart from its predecessors, the 3rd series BMW. It has been equipped with new technology, better design and superior engineering, making it one of the most impressive cars to come out of BMW.

The body of this vehicle has been completely redesigned. The headlights are now incorporated in the HID kit, the fog lights are also present, giving it a distinctively elegant look. This car is not only classed as a luxury vehicle, but it also holds a status of being one of the most reliable ones as well. This is thanks to the new technologies that have been incorporated in it. The power unit is now powered by a diesel instead of petrol, giving it a power boost, even when operating in the most severe climate condition. The new six cilindri 184CV has also been equipped with the new ‘Questo Maticetti’, a self-confining crash protection system that helps to protect the body from any damages during an impact.

The car has been further enhanced by getting a completely revised interior that is classed as stylish and luxurious. The seats are newly designed, the dashboard has been redone, the instrument panel has been given a new look and the steering wheel has been made finer with a touch of fine finishing touch. The 2 liter engines have been replaced with high performance and energy efficient diesel engines. The transmission has also been given a rethink with the ‘ronic control’ shifter, giving it a more responsive feel than before. The suspension on the Centraline aggiuntive motori BMW 184cv has been refined, giving it that perfect blend between comfort and performance.

The power train on this vehicle has been developed especially for this vehicle and offers the best in class and functionality. It now provides more than 4 torque levels which help in getting the car up to speed faster than before. The new engine has been outfitted with twin petrol engines, providing higher horsepower at low revs. The CV model is equipped with a host of high performance traits that include a host of performance parts and gadgets.

Another major change in this car is its transmission. This model comes with a new shift gear. It has been fitted with sequential gearshift manual transmission which has also been redesigned to suit the car. This shift gears has been made with precision bearings and clutch plates. They are fully adjustable according to the driver’s preference. The gearshifts can be easily engaged or disengaged, allowing you greater space for driving and less chance of losing your car while trying to change gears.

The engine of this vehicle is the most powerful one available in Italy. It is equipped with a conventional 4-valve engine and is mated to the chassis with the help of special parts. The engine runs on gasoline with maximum power allowed. This engine has been developed with the most modern performance traits. With all these features in mind, the Centraline Aggiuntive Motori BM is considered to be one of the best performance cars in Italy.

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